How to extend your whats app license 1 year for free?

How to extend your whats app license 1 year for free?

Wondering how to renew your whats app license for free? (Or) Want to extend your friend(s) whats app license as a gift for special occasion ? Here you go !!! free online tool, just get it done in less than 30 seconds.
Its so easy and quick.

Special promotion is going on in hostmasterzone, so its only available for India Users.

Step 1 : Visit this tool and make sure that you see a promotion banner like to ensure that you will get that offer. Hostmasterzone-Promotion-Banner

Step 2 : Enter your name, email address, select country, phone number and hit Download App button. Email address and whats app number should be accurate to avail this offer.

Step 3 : Once its success, you will see the below screen and page will be redirected automatically after 20 seconds to download flipkart app. Please make sure you downloaded the app without fail. We will send you an email and it may take upto 48hrs to validate your download and renew whats app license.

If you didn't hear anything from us in next 48 hrs after successful download, please send an email to

Hope we helped you and you got your whats app license free. Cheers :)

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