How to Submit Form 15G/H online in 3 Simple Steps?

If your Fixed Deposits interest exceeding Rs 10,000 per year, then bank will deduct Tax @ 10% on the interest amount.You can stop paying 10% tax if your total income is below 2 Lakhs in a financial year when you submit Form 15G/H.

Form 15 G - If your age is Less than 60 years

Form 15 H - If your age is More than 60 years

Here are 3 simple steps to submit online in HDFC bank

Step 1: Log in HDFC Netbanking "Accounts" tab will be selected HDFC Netbanking Accounts Page

Step 2 : Select Request tab in the left panel and click "Form 15G/H" HDFC Netbanking Left panel

Step 3 : Choose Submit Form 15G/ H online radio button and select the form 15G or 15H and hit continue button. Receive instant e-acknowledgement Form 15 G/ H Form 15 G Review Screen

Thats it. You are done :)

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